Manifestation – The Easy Way

An inspiring exercise sent to me by my 90 year old mother, who is a living testament that we are never too old to learn and to grow.

Manifestation – the Easy Way

Firstly it is imperative that you begin by Acknowledging and Accepting your genius.

1. Before you start any changes in your life, you must see things as they are right now, in this moment.

2. A full grounding in reality is a powerful springboard to manifesting love and abundance in your life. The best way to ground yourself in reality is to simply except it just as it is.

3. In this moment accept your life just as it is.

4.  Now accept that you are already a manifestation genius.

5. Now hitch your genius to your hearts desire (instead of your default programming close).

6. To make any change you first you have to be willing to make a commitment to yourself.

7. That commitment is you are creating a magnificent life.

8. Are you ready to take the step, right now?

9. If you are, then say to yourself – and mean it – “I, ….. Your name……commit to create a magnificent life, measured by my own chosen standards”.

10. Now say this commitment out loud several times, really feeling your genuine commitment.

10-Second Practice

Renew your commitment by saying this affirmation in your mind or out loud – and take a few seconds to feel your commitment in your body.

Go a little deeper and feel how wonderful it is to have a magnificent life, measured by your own standards.

One minute practice

This practice engages the unique powers of the right and left sides of your brain in a playful and meaningful way.

Take a pen and paper. Write, “I, ………, Commit to creating a magnificent life, measured by my own standards.”

Now write with your non-dominant hand. Switch back to your dominant hand. Notice the feelings that come up inside you as you write with your non-dominant hand. Do this switch as many times in a minute. Now savour the feelings in your body. Now resume normal activities.

Remember, heartfelt commitment is your entry gate to the journey of manifestation. Making a sincere commitment is creating a magnificent life while you watch miracles start to happen.

And remember, those miracles can be very small or very big. However don’t miss the joy in the simple little miracles – you may miss them if you are looking for a more complex manifestation – every manifestation is important to you – big or small. Another thing to remember – life is about manifestations on all levels, so don’t get caught up in the material world – yes, it is very important, however, other layers need equal attention.

Using this very simple technique will make changes in your life – if you create a daily practice there has to be changes. This is working with the law of the universe – it is the truth that is practiced with your heart open.

Interpreted by Lyn Thomas
From Daily OM by Gay Hendricks.

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