CREATIVE RESONANCE 2.5 min trailer – Explore innovative solutions empowering young people to navigate & flourish in a shifting future world.

A 60 minute SOCIAL IMPACT DOCUMENTARY FILM empowering young people to flourish

CREATIVE RESONANCE explores innovative solutions for young people and the education crises that threaten our biggest national asset – our children. Discover practical solutions that are helping children to thrive and flourish. Who has found answers to educating children in the 21st century? What can stop the ever increasing epidemic of mental health problems? What countries are doing it well, where did they get their inspiration and what lessons can we take forward?

Who are these children? What do they think about growing up in a world of social and economic unrest? What issues are they facing? Told from the perspectives of the children as well as the educators and futurists who are striving to find ways to reconcile past practices with a vision for a positive new era. We follow children on the threshold of adolescence, through their resilience, courage along with the visionary educators who are working to support children in a world where global warming and unrest are the new normal.

The vision of CREATIVE RESONANCE is to

  • Inspire change to educational policy so that children’s present & future well being & resilience is a key priority.
  • Get parents and society to change the way they view education shifting from narrow focus on academics to well being & positive self esteem.
  • Enable quality arts education to be available to all children.

The benefits are

  • Improved wellbeing of children and future generations
  • Healthier more sustainable models of education more widely available to children and families from all social and economic sectors
  • Increased communication and problem solving skills of children and families

CREATIVE RESONANCE is seeking partnerships and contributions to make this film project possible.

Donations to the project are tax deductible in Australia.


The CREATIVE WELLBEING Toolkit prepares children to thrive in today’s world – and to help shape tomorrow’s. The Toolkit helps children become better communicators and problem solvers.

The Toolkit supports the creative potential in every child through introducing a series of visioning and communication exercises, supported by tools to create regular family meetings to increase children’s communication and self-esteem, and innovative tools and resources.

It has been designed with families, schools and communities in mind, to help prioritise meaningful values and relationships. It incorporates research from the world’s leading behavioural change researchers that have found that creating meaningful values improves children’s self-esteem and families wellbeing.

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