A social impact documentary that explores practical solutions to help young people become versatile, creative and able to adapt to an ever changing world.

A 1 hour Social Impact Documentary Film: CHILDREN & the INFINITE GAME features leading international educationalists, wellbeing experts and futurists sharing practical solutions to help young people become versatile and creative along with the stories of three extraordinary young people on the threshold of adolescence.


In these rapidly changing times how do young people gain the skills to navigate the new normal? A vitally important film in which we hear the diverse and fresh voices of young people who are aware that the future of the planet rests primarily on their shoulders and the visionary scientists, futurists and educationalists that are supporting them in their journey.


Young Australians face unprecedented challenges in how they can prepare for the future in these rapidly changing times. CHILDREN & the INFINITE GAME examines solutions, through the lenses of three Generation Z young people from diverse backgrounds 10-17 years, to the pressure-cooker world of 21st century life and the ways in which success is perceived, to enable young people to thrive.

The world’s current upheaval provides an opportunity to challenge the perceived wisdom and priorities of education and young people’s wellbeing. It is critical that we address the huge increases in mental health problems of young people and the widening education gaps, made significantly worse by the pandemic.

Along with the journey of three young people, filmed over the last year, and a half as they struggle to overcome the challenges of growing up in a strange new world, the film explores three innovative schools who are challenging the conventional model of education to prepare young people to help them navigate a new era. Hear from the visionary futurists, wellbeing experts and educationalists from Finland, UK and Australia who have found solutions to support young people, from all walks of life, to thrive and flourish.

The vision of CHILDREN & the INFINITE GAME is to

  • Increase creative and imaginative practices in education – so that a thoughtful, collaborative, more innovative world is possible
  • Prioritise wellbeing, both personal and ecological wellbeing – to ensure all young people have the skills and opportunity to realise both personal wellbeing and the skills to nurture and care for our planet
  • Stop standardised testing – so that each child’s uniqueness and intuitive wisdom can be recognised
  • Develop meaningful values and connections – to raise young people who are able to adapt and be flexible in our changing world

The benefits are

  • Improved wellbeing of children and future generations
  • Healthier more sustainable models of wellbeing more widely available to children and families from all social and economic sectors
  • Increased resilience of young people and their families.

CHILDREN & the INFINITE GAME is seeking partnerships and contributions to make this film project possible.

Donations to the project are tax deductible in Australia.


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