A powerful tool for personal, family and community transformation

The iVALUE App utilizes the power of values
to enhance families and young peoples’
wellbeing and resilience.

The iVALUE App: Powering Resilient
Families helps families prioritise
what is important to them.

Discover how families
can create a unique set of values.

Having explored the iVALUE App with my
teen daughters and husband and what a game changer!!!
The tools, suggestions and guidance this app offers
for families to connect and deepen relationships
are truly amazing. Not only would every family benefit
from the positive approach this app offers,
but the ability to prioritise what is important
with the app in our current busy world and lives is vital.
Having a digital tool was also very welcomed
by our teens as anything less would be discarded!
I whole heartedly recommend this as a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor in Psychology,
and as a mother and wife.”

Dr Peta Stapleton Clinical & Health Psychologist
Associate Professor, School of Psychology, Faculty of Society & Design
Bond University, Australia