Parenting as an Art

“This delightful book is one of wisdom. It is full of practical suggestions for parents of young children and is both very accessible and encouraging. It exudes warmth and experience as well as acknowledging the challenges of parenting and offers creative support for all those caring for these early years that are so important. Every child has a right to a good quality of childhood and these pages are a great help in finding ways to achieve this.”

Christopher Clouder. The Alliance for Childhood.

“Parenting as an Art’is a wonderful companion on the journey of parenthood.  Practical, informative and accessible, this book gives new meaning to the forgotten art of being a home maker.”

Kathy MacFarlane, International educator and Kindergarten teacher

“I really enjoyed Jane’s books, filled with helpful, practical support for caring for our precious little people, and our big planet.”

Sally Martin, Mullumbimby, Byron Shire, NSW, Australia

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Provides practical and creative advice for parents

Parenting as an Art – raising healthy happy creative children 0 – 7 years

Every parent wants to raise an amazing child yet in today’s society full of hazards and difficulties that goal seems at times allusive. The result is that children and their childhood, a most precious gift, is so often packaged, hurried and neglected.  How can we help realise for children a childhood of joy, delight and healthy growth? 

Parenting as an Art offers:

–  A resolution to many difficulties and problems in early childhood
– A view of children as dignified, universal human beings
– A holistic understanding of the child as a unique individual

Parenting as an Art is a guide for those wanting to creatively support their children on the amazing journey in the first seven years of life.This book provides practical and creative advice and inspiration for parents.  The premise is that through the caring and connected approach as outlined, parents will discover the creative art of helping their children realise their extraordinary potential. 

Thanh Cherry, renowned early childhood educator, draws upon her extensive wisdom and experience of thirty five years as a Waldorf/Steiner early childhood teacher and international educator and teacher trainer.

Jane Hanckel, author of ‘Growing Greener Children’, has had twenty years experience fostering healthy relationships between children, families and nature. Jane co-founded Inspired Education and the Spirit of Childhood Foundation to help children realise their full physical, social, emotional and spiritual potential.

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