We’re a social enterprise that supports
organizations, schools, families and children
through film making, workshops and resources
to navigate the rapidly changing world.

Jane Hanckel    Co-founder & Director 


I have a background in film, communication, business and education. I have worked with leading Australian filmmakers, including co-producing with Chris Noonan and Richard Mordaunt in the 1980’s one of Australia’s most acclaimed documentary films – Stepping Out and editing with Sara Bennett 14’Good, Eighteen’s Better directed by Gillian Armstrong. In the 1980’s I was the Documentary Project Manager at the Australian Film Commission for two years overseeing the Documentary Production Fund and the Documentary Fellowship Program with Tom Haydon.

I am an author and creator of two books, Growing Greener Children and Parenting as an Art, internationally published books on education. Parenting as an Art was translated and published in China by Lipin Publishers, Beijing and by Huy Hoang Publishing House in Vietnam. I have introduced successful innovative education programs into disadvantaged communities across Australia, spoken at international conferences across the world on education, health and wellbeing and in 2017 I created the Amazing Child Online Course which brought together research and knowledge for parents and educators.

In March 2019 I traveled to the UK and Finland to start filming CREATIVE RESONANCE. The film and development of the concept is informed by my fourteen years of research in socially and economically disadvantaged communities In Australia, including Aboriginal urban and remote communities where I developed and ran programs to support wellbeing of children and families. I have worked with and seen the struggles of children, families and communities as they attempt to try to establish meaningful relationships with each other and try to keep their children at school in a system in which they have little faith and belief. I believe the film and the resources will provide much needed insights and support for these families to make more informed choices and to establish better communication and connection that will result in improved well being, resilience and self-esteem for their children.

Gabrielle Dalton – Consultant Producer, Creative Resonance 
Film Producer-Mentor , Fine Arts Curator & Writer.

Gabrielle Dalton Film Producer

Gabrielle Dalton has been working creatively in multi media platforms from the outset of her career, combining her skills as arts journalist, fine art curator, filmmaker, script researcher-writer and producer, radio producer, arts program initiator and published author. She has developed and led key creative teams and produced highly innovative cultural explorations from concept stages to broadcast and public exhibition, both nationally and internationally. She has been the recipient of grants from Screen Australia, Australia Council, and acquisition from Broadcasters, which have always been successfully acquitted and publicly well received.

Producer: Feature Films

Dalton has a 40+ year track record in scripting and Producing broadcast and theatrical Feature Documentaries, all exploring themes of society and culture.

As a Producer, she headed a production company and creative team which has become internationally acclaimed for the trilogy of feature films Soundtrack to War (05) Rampage (06) and The Miscreants of Taliwood (09), all on the themes of popular music, and cultures in conflict, and highly awarded for creativity and originality of subject matter: screened at MoMA -NY 2005/7/10 curator Sally Berger, 2009 Telluride curator Tom Luddy, and London, New York, Chicago, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Montreal, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlinale Film Festivals, & IDFA by invitation and award. She was also a contributing Producer (credited) on Fahrenheit 9/11.

RADIO- and Creative Writing Workshops (funded by Australia Council): 1980’s & 90’s. Dalton initiated and ran a series of Outback writers programs in Northern Territory, and Broken Hill (inclusive of Indigneous and non Indignenous emerging writers), and began bringing writers into the ABC studios to read their own stories from life: Broadcasting on ABC Radio (NT and Radio National -Sounds of Summer Programs), Dalton as Producer and Presenter. At the time hearing vox pop voices leading storylines and points of view on radio was unusual, and the success of these series had an impact on the ABC: since then, the ABC has developed story finding/ outreach programs in Regional areas around Australia, in both radio and television, which now forms a significant part of its content.

1970-s-80-s – Founding member of SPAA, early member of the creative teaching staff of AIDT ( later NAISDA), Filmmakers Co Op and Metro Video, Sydney, Creative Director of TREE – environmental theatre performance group.

Gabrielle Dalton – resides in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, and currently works as a Film Mentor-Producer, (with a special interest in contemporary fast paced evolutions in media and culture), Dalton is also a scriptwriter and Fine Arts advisor.

Susan Laing – Educator – Art and Parenting
Co Presenter  with Jane Hanckel on Podcast Finding the Joy in Raising Children
B.A.(Psych) Adv.Dip T (Art)
Susan Laing - Creative Living With Children
Susan Laing – Creative Living With Children

I have a degree in psychology and politics from the University of Adelaide, as well as an advanced Diploma in Art Teaching. I taught art in secondary schools in South Australia and the UK for many years. I had a deep interest in integrated curricula and what brings a balance to the predominantly ‘head’ education of our schools. This led me to do further research into Rudolf Steiner Education and become involved with the group which founded the Mt Barker Waldorf School in South Australia in 1979. I later taught art there.

I believe that, perhaps more than ever before, the world and our children need our consciousness, our creativity and our courage, to be better parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers or better older friends of children. When children are supported by these qualities, it is hoped that they will feel better understood, be better loved and nurtured, and be better able become conscious, creative and courageous individuals themselves. The world needs such young people who are also healthy, ethical, compassionate, imaginative and powerful to meet the huge challenges now faced by humanity and the earth.

Children today need our ‘awake’ consciousness— for us to understand their development and needs, and to truly meet and value them as individuals, with strengths and weaknesses. The detailed development profiles provide a lot of information that can help in understanding children. The key question here is to ask: ‘What would help here?’

They also need our creativity— to enrich their lives by full heartedly sharing with them the richness of life and everything that is good and beautiful and true. The key question here is to ask: ‘How can I make this everyday task into one which has more human value, more aesthetic richness and more genuine-ness?’

Children also need our courage— to meet the challenges they bring with compassion and wisdom and the strength to do what is best for them and defend their right to a childhood. What is frequently offered to children may not be in their best interests; consequently we have to be strong in insisting upon what we know our particular children need, not what a dispassionate authority or the commercial world or indeed our family, friends or neighbours think our individual children need. The key question here is: ‘What are the core values I have for the well being of my children which I want to insist upon all of the time, or at least most of the time?’

Derek Spice Foundation Creative Intelligence  Co-founder


I have an extensive business background ranging from cocoa trading, music, motor racing, horticulture and education. Since 2004, with my partner, Jane Hanckel, I have established InspirED and The Foundation for Creative Intelligence to help children realise their full potential.

Nadine Jaeger  Graphic Designer


Nadine is passionate about environmental and community activism, sustainable living, design, with a practical understanding of the need to understand the bigger picture.  

Nadine has provided invaluable help including initiating and leading a redesign for our social impact enterprise.

Nadine is a great team member working in a collaborative and supportive manner.  She is forward thinking and resourceful and has come up with many creative solutions. She has a great clarity and sense of purpose and a curious thirst for knowledge.

Eric Wang –  Web & Platform Developer


Eric is originally from mainland China and Hong Kong and joined InspirED to develop the Social Network Platform for building parents’ community and parenting education.

Rodrigo Serrán Vives  – Digital Product Designer

Rodrigo Serrán Vives

Rodrigo is an industrial designer focused on problem solving and user satisfaction. He designs to make the world a better place. Rodrigo has extensive skills in
– Concept design
– Project Management
– User-centered design
– Eco Innovation