Growing Greener Children

‘The future of the human species is dependent on how we take care of our young. If we are to survive eco parenting is not an option it is a necessity. Eco parenting practices as outlined in this book can help save the environment and curtail the current epidemic of lifestyle related chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, ADHD, asthma etc. while also ensuring that children and their parents live long, joyous and fulfilling lives.’

Professor Marc Cohen
MBBS(Hons), PhD(Elec Eng), PhD (TCM), BMedSc(Hons), FAMAC, FICAE, Professor of Complementary Medicine, School of Health Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia


A valuable guide for parents and other adults who want to nourish children’s knowledge of nature, and, even more important, their love of it.’

Richard Louv, author, ‘The Nature Principle’ and ‘Last Child in the Woods’

‘If parents were to read and practice even some of the tenets of these splendid books, children would be both healthier and happier for it – and that goes for the future they will inherit, as well.’

Robert Michael Pyle, author of The Thunder

‘’Growing Greener Children’, should be in every kitchen and every shoppers handbag or pocket as an indispensible reference. To quote a comment I once read ‘a nations health is a nations wealth’.  In todays world every effort needs to be made to preserve, nurture and maintain health.’

Bruce Purkiss D.0.,D.C., Dip.Ac. , Founder. Functional Restoration.

‘Growing Greener Children’ is beyond doubt amongst the most important and informative books ever written on nurturing healthy, happy and sustainable families. This easy to read book contains such valuable, interesting and well researched knowledge that I find it hard to imagine why every family isn’t given a copy when they have their first child.’

Ryan Hamilton
Wholelife Santos, Byron Bay

Jane Hanckel’s new book, ‘’Growing Greener Children’ is a welcome and well researched work bringing to parents the awareness and understanding that their choices of diet, lifestyle and environment can deliver significant benefits to the health and wellbeing and future of their children. Health and happiness in society can be better addressed by adopting healthy living practices than costly medical alternatives and Jane’s book …is a timely reminder of this.’

Jan Barham,  NSW, Australia

― Growing Greener Children