In the days after the birth you will get to know and understand more about your new individual. This takes time.

Rest and relaxation

Be aware that your hormones after birth can affect how you feel which can range from happy and content to being quite low. Rest, relaxation, meditation and time out are extra important during these days.


Every baby needs to bond securely with at least one person – ideally the mother.

Your baby will feel loved and secure by having regular skin to skin contact, by having you carry her as much as possible while smiling, gently stroking, making soothing sounds or singing.

Research has shown that the movement experienced by being carried either in arms or in a sling are essential to the healthy development of the central nervous system of the baby.

Protect baby from over-stimulation (bright lights, loud noises) or trauma (separation from mother etc). Light pink and a light blue pieces of muslin placed one on top of the other over the opening of the pram or cot helps create a calm environment. (See p.30)

Provide a safe and nurturing sleeping environment – co-sleeping or placing baby’s crib alongside your bed are two ways to keep your baby close making it easy to comfort her.

Crying is one of your baby’s way of communicating with you. Seek to understand the different cries of your baby – she is a social being and responding to her cries correctly gives her the sense that she is valued.