Innovative Education for a Flourishing Planet

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                                                   Are our schools teaching our children the skills to navigate the 21st Century?

How can schools transform through putting collaboration, innovation and creativity at the forefront of their pedagogy, future proofing children for our rapidly changing world?

Inspired Education was formed in 2004 to inspire and support the health, well being and multiple intelligences of children for humanity to flourish.

Since 2004 we have successfully introduced innovative education programs in disadvantaged communities, published two books, ‘Growing Greener Children’ and ‘Parenting as an Art’ and launched an online program  for parents and educators ‘How to Raise an Amazing Child’.

Jane’s Story

Along with many other parents across the world, my main challenge raising my children was my eldest child being depressed through being bullied at school together with my youngest with severe allergies.

Through finding solutions to their experiences led my partner, D Spice and I to create Inspir=Ed to alleviate the increasing levels of children across the world experiencing stress, obesity, anxiety and depression – things that could have been present in our family if we hadn’t acted. When I heard the statistics that suicide across the world kills more people than war I realized that the solutions need to be made more visible.

I have been invited to talk about the solutions we had discovered – of the importance of love, warmth, connection to nature, acknowledgement of children’s multiple intelligences and healthy nutrition. In 2008 I was asked by communities to introduce the Inspir=Ed program in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia, working with parents with young children aged 0-5 years. Within weeks of our program I heard that work colleagues who used to shut their doors to block the sound of screaming children were now leaving their doors open to hear the sound of children’s laughter. Children at the risk of being medicated or being removed from their families were now finding joy and laughter was becoming present in their lives. One young woman, the youngest of sixteen children and a single mother of three children found her life changed completely after implementing the changes that she experienced in our program. At the breaking point herself and at risk of losing her children to Department of Community Services, she found the skills and support she needed to turn her life around.

We found these stories again and again as we worked across all communities yet why were they not being more broadly implemented? This has led us to develop a set of online course for parents along with a set books, with the books being translated and published in Vietnam and China.

When existing practices see medication as solution, when simple and effective solutions are not apparent along with the dissolution of families, communities, ecological health and local economies all these factors impact profoundly on the health, wellbeing of children.

We have the solutions, we know that they can work. We have seen the lives and children and families transformed. We want to share them with you and for you to share them with your friends and family. When we all begin to see children for the hope that they are, acknowledged for their whole being and the gifts they bring – we can see a future that we all want to be part of.

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Inspir=Ed believes that together we can create the change in education to support our children to thrive in the 21st Century.

We have created inspiring tools and resources to support parents and educators to support children for a flourishing planet.

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