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A short introduction to the How to Raise an Amazing Child Course

This is an innovative course for learning the foundations of how to raise successful, confident children in happier families.
“This lost art of nourishing young children must come to all parents and educators and this program is very unique in addressing this big void in our communities.” Mimi M.
An innovative course for learning the foundations of how to raise amazing children. It includes basic and fundamental powerful tools of transformation for your family and yourself.

• Over 40 minutes of concise video in 7 short sessions (each approx. 5 minute) of content delivered by Jane Hanckel, educator, author and parenting expert
• A basic and profound set of tools to help bring harmony and purpose to your family
• An outline of simple methods to develop skills to support your children to realise their life potential
Who is this course for?
• Parents and educators and their children 0 – 16 years
• Parents and educators interested in helping create harmony and purpose in families
This course is perfect for you if :
• You want create harmony and purpose in your family
• You want to help your child realise their life potential
• You have tried everything, but you can’t shift old patterns of reactions in your family
• You’re having a challenging time with certain child behaviours

What you’ll learn:

By enrolling in this class, you’ll gain imperative knowledge on:

• Clear, step-by-step guidance for how increase family harmony and purpose
• Resources and practical methods to enhance your family’s relationships
• Techniques to foster in your child a love for nature and the natural world
• Experience a guided meditation to resolve problems that arise at different stages of our child’s development
• Simple, replicable techniques for developing practical, intellectual and emotional intelligence for your child’s school readiness, creativity and innovation
• E-book ‘Growing Greener Children’ on why and how to create optimal environment, diet, lifestyle and mindfulness for children’s wellbeing