The moment of life, or conception, is an extraordinary event. It is creation, a signal of new potential – the forming of a new life on this Earth.

It is the beginning of a journey for the developing embryo, the growing child as well as for the parents.

Welcoming the pregnancy

Whatever the circumstances, the more the announcement of the baby’s arrival is greeted with positive feelings and love, the better it is for the baby’s development.

Throughout the pregnancy it is important that you listen to your intuition, eat healthy foods, make time for both yourself and your partner, take regular exercise and practice relaxation techniques.

What you can do

Eat healthy foods – take regular exercise and rest or relax on a regular basis.

Communicate with the unborn child through touch, music, singing and visualising a healthy, loving relationship.

Surround the pregnancy with positive feelings – these will affect your child and create a strong foundation for your family.

Create a safe environment and a strong support system – seek help if necessary.

Emotional, mental and physical wellbeing are important.

Feeling tired is normal in the first weeks as the body adjusts to the changes of pregnancy. Prolonged tiredness can indicate that you need to eat more foods rich in iron.

Pregnancy is a natural condition not a medical condition.