Parenting as an Art

A holistic resource to support and encourage loving, unhurried parenting. Includes practical advice and ideas (craft, music, games, etc) for the different ages and stages of childhood up to 7 years, complemented by beautiful colored photos on every page.

Susan Perrow, author Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour

This delightful book is one of wisdom. It is full of practical suggestions for parents of young children and is both very accessible and encouraging. It exudes warmth and experience as well as acknowledging the challenges of parenting and offers creative support for all those caring for these early years that are so important. Every child has a right to a good quality of childhood and these pages are a great help in finding ways to achieve this.

Christopher Clouder. The Alliance for Childhood.

“A wonderful companion on the journey of parenthood. Practical, informative and accessible, this book gives new meaning to the forgotten art of being a home maker.”

Kathy MacFarlane,

Kindergarten teacher in Auckland, international teaching trainer and representative for New Zealand on the IASWECE Council.

― Parenting as an Art